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Microdeposits are a secure way to verify your customers’ bank account information before you begin debiting payments.

Two small deposits are sent to the customer’s bank account, from Rotessa’s account. 

If the microdeposit is sent before 9 am on a business day, you can expect your customer to receive the microdeposits within 24 hours.

There are only three attempts per customer to confirm the deposit, and if all three attempts have failed, they cannot be made again.

When it's received, your customer can enter those two amounts on a secure web page to verify their account information.

When a microdeposit is successfully processed through your customer's bank account, a Verified badge will appear on your customer's dashboard

Sending microdeposits

Start at the Customers area of your Rotessa account.

Choose the customer you wish to send a microdeposit to. Select Edit to the right of their name.

In their Bank Information, select the option to send a microdeposit. This will immediately send the microdeposit to the customer’s bank account.

If you do not see a link, that means the customer has already processed a payment and no microdeposit is required. 

Viewing microdeposits

In your Rotessa account, select Admin then Microdeposits from the drop-down menu.

Choose a date range and select Search to display microdeposits.

Customers and the statuses of their microdeposits will be shown along with the Creation Date of the microdeposit. 

The link to the right of the Creation Date can be sent to the customer again in case the link was lost. This link is unique to each user.

It will not work if the microdeposit's three attempts have already been unsuccessfully used. 

Microdeposit statuses:

Requested: The microdeposit has been sent but the customer has not submitted any attempts yet.

Verified: The microdeposit has been successfully submitted and the customer's account information is now verified.

Inactive: The customer has unsuccessfully used all three attempts submitting the microdeposit and can no longer attempt a microdeposit.