Transaction statuses

When a transaction report is created, each transaction will have a transaction status.

To view a transaction’s status login to your Rotessa account.

Select the customer with the transaction you wish to view, then select the Transaction History tab.

You can monitor the status of a transaction here along with other transaction details:

Status defines the history of past transactions, such as Sent To Bank, Processed, or otherwise Declined.

Batched On is the date in which your transactions are gathered into a file and sent to the bank. The batch includes information on the transaction, such as which account to pull funds from and where to send the funds to. The status of your transaction may be Sent to Bank.

Process Date is the day your scheduled transaction is pulled from the customer's account. This happens the following business day after your transactions are batched.

Expected Settlement Date is the date the money will be put into your bank account.

Types of transaction statuses

Future transactions are scheduled payments that have not been sent for processing. You can still modify or delete these transactions.

Sent to Bank transactions have been sent to the bank and have not been processed yet. There is a brief window of time where a transaction may be stopped within the day, either by calling the bank or emailing before 4:30 p.m. CST. As outlined on our pricing page, there is a fee of $29 per stopped transaction.

Processed/Pending transactions have been sent to the bank, have been processed, and cannot be modified or deleted. These transactions remain pending while the bank ensures the funds are legitimate/cleared and the account details are correct.

Approved transactions are payments that have been successfully processed.

Chargebacks are payments that have been declined after they were settled to your account, and are issued by the bank. Rotessa either debits chargebacks from your account or adjusts your next settlement to cover the chargeback. Too many chargebacks in your account can lead to suspension of the account.

Declined transactions have been processed and declined. According to payments law, you can re-submit declined payments one time within 30 days of the process date.