Transaction limits

There is an initial limit to your daily transactions, based on a risk assessment of your account, that can be anywhere from $500 to $2500 per customer.

For limit inquiries please contact

This limit resets each day for each of your customers. The total amount of transactions you can make per day is unlimited in Canada. 

There is a daily total transaction limit in the United States. If you are an approved US account, you may inquire about the daily limit to

Customer transaction limits

When an Authorization Request is edited to allow a customer to set up their own payment plan, you will not be allowed to withdraw funds from the customer's bank account if it exceeds that limit. 

To avoid this limit, be sure to leave this box unchecked when editing your Authorization Request.

You must have your customer's permission to manually set a transaction limit or to make any changes. If you proceed without permission, this is a violation of your customer's authorization agreement and can lead to legal action and suspension of your Rotessa account.

All authorization amounts are set at 0.0 by default unless otherwise edited in the authorization form. 0.0 defines an indefinite number.

Increasing transaction limits

Transaction limits can be increased. We require a minimum of three months processing history with Rotessa before we will consider raising your transaction limit.

After the three months of processing, contact us directly at and we will review your case. 

If this is your second Rotessa account, you may qualify for an initial limit increase. Contact with the name of your primary account.