Requesting a transaction to be stopped, rescheduled, refunded or reversed

In this article: Stop a transactionReschedule a transaction, and Refund or reverse a transaction

Stopping a transaction

After a payment is Sent to Bank, there is a brief window of time where a transaction may be stopped that day, either by calling the bank or emailing before 4 p.m. CST on a business day.

In your email, include the customer's name and the amount of the transaction(s). You will be emailed if the stop payment was successful or unsuccessful.

There is a fee of $29 per stopped transaction.

If your transaction is labelled Processed this means the banks have already processed the transaction and it cannot be stopped, reversed, or refunded. You will need to arrange a solution directly with the customer.

A Future transaction still has time to be edited or deleted. Transactions can only be deleted or edited up to 2 days before the process date.

Rescheduling a transaction

Transactions cannot be skipped one time in a recurring schedule.

Instead, you need to delete the recurring payment schedule and recreate it again.

Refunding or Reversing transactions

We cannot issue refunds or reverse transactions once they have been processed. The issue needs to be taken directly to the customer. 

In an extreme scenario, we recommend that you direct your customers to request a stop payment from their bank.