Importing Transactions

You can import CSV files to add one-time or recurring transactions to Rotessa in bulk.

In your Rotessa account, select the Admin tab. 

Select Imports and Exports from the drop down menu. 

Select Import and then CSV from the import options.

Select Transactions from the CSV import options.

Download the Transaction Import Template provided.

This ensures the proper column headers for sorting your transaction data. The template automatically generates the column headings as well as a sample transaction

Enter your transaction information. 

We use the Custom Identifier field instead of the customer name for transaction imports because it is a unique field (customer names can be duplicated). In most cases, the Custom Identifier is the same as the name unless you've made a change manually. 

Frequency options include:
- Once
- Twice
- Weekly
- Every Other Week
- Every Four Weeks
- Monthly
- Every Other Month
- Quarterly
- Semi-Annually
- Yearly

If you leave the Installments blank it will set up an indefinite schedule.

The Comment field is optional

Save the spreadsheet as a CSV file when you have added all your transactions. 

Back in Rotessa, select Choose File and upload your newly created transaction import file.

Select Load Transaction File.

If any field is invalid, or does not find a match in Rotessa, an error will be identified in the errors column.

Select Import Transactions to finalize the import of your new transactions. A green status bar will indicate the success of the import.